Happy birthday, Shakespeare

Boys gotta study for the Shakespeare test
It’s Shakespeare’s birthday….happy birthday bro
Moms makin me a Birthday Dinner.. #Blessed
I think her birthday is in April tho

I’m singing happy birthday with a dog…
I share a birthday with Vanilla Ice. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
breasts looking like a Shakespeare monologue
My brother is the shakespeare of advice

Can you imagine being Shakespeare’s dad?
I have a summer birthday….good and bad
GUYS!!!! I’m the Shakespeare of enormous cocks

It’s William Shakespeare’s birthday. Much respect!
The birthday countdown is in full effect.

That Holographic Piggy

My little piggy needed something new.🐽 🐷
whole lotta piggybacking going on
Now watching dirty dancing with a brew….
I want a Harry potter marathon

It Was A NASTY Looking Pig In There .
That holographic piggy was the shit
I wanna show a piggy at the fair):
This movie got a racist pig in it.

I really want a little piglet pet!
i almost had a fucking heart attack
I’m making pigeon noises with Annette.
One little piggy didn’t follow back.

I want a baby piglet as a pet :3
i’m really awkward on the internet :)))))

Something in Greek

This is the alpha! HEY! Omega! HEY!
Last day in Athens, Greece and feeling blessed.
I need a alpha female anyway
Greek graduation parties are the best

Zeus was the ruler of the gods in Greek :D
greek yogurt, chai, and football. study break.
Goodmorning! Alpha Bravo Charlie week :D
5:30 am in Greece and I’m awake😩

@kell_davis “Maddie Herbert (Alpha Phi)”
You can elongate my omega 3 πŸ˜‰
Me lais amigos de OMEGA PI.
My brother Alpha brothers driving me !!!

Greek yogurt with granola bar in it. πŸ˜™πŸ‘Œ
Scott is a fucking ALPHA! Holy shit!


We So Connected Like A Satellite
Perfection takes a human form in Kate
I need a tacky sweater for tonight!
acceleration can accelerate?

Live via satellite.Ironic #raw
I love myself the most in outer space β™‘β™‘β™‘
C’est plus le vortex c’est le cosmos la!
I have the solar system as a face

The cosmos must’ve been aligned today.
Be Million , Billions , Trillions , Miles Away :)
Up watching #Cosmos eating apple jacks

I’m just the latest cosmos biggest fan
Yo, Neil deGrasse Tyson is the man!

Me and Christian almost died

Are people always ill in Illinois ?
Time for a bubble bath and Christian Grey πŸΈπŸ“–πŸ›€
Communications save relationships.
My baby Christian isn’t here today 
I hope northwestern beats Ohio state.
No christian mingle. Stop emailing me.

can christian mingle stop emailing me
#sex #dating sexy girls in illinois
Northwestern may upset Ohio State
Matt Bomer is the PERFECT Christian Grey.
She’s going to northwestern prom today
Communications. Saves relationships

communications , save relationships .
some christian college keeps emailing me
Damn me and Christian almost died today ;o
I’m all the way in freaking Illinois…
Mi cama se llama Christian, Christian Grey.
Let’s go Northwestern beat Ohio State!

I hope northwestern kills Ohio state
Communications Save Relationships.
I wanna find myself a Christian Grey ❀
Amanda. βœ” Hunter. βœ” Christian. βœ” Sunni. βœ” Me. βœ”
Who follows me and lives in Illinois?
Northwestern play Ohio state today :(

Well no communications class today :)
I hope Northwestern kills Ohio State.
I’m taking over QUINCY ILLINOIS :)
“Communications saves relationships.”.
without communications weakens me… :(
Matt bower…..is THE perfect Christian grey

Sebastian Rulli para Christian Grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m going to the Christian store today.
without communications weakens me… :(
I hope northwestern beats ohio state!
Communications Saves Relationships!!!
Can one direction live in illinois!!!!

Out of Wisconsin.. Onto Illinois
Communications save relationships !
Northwestern better best Ohio State.

sestina lente

Why is the bus extremely slow today
My brother’s teacher is extremely slow
my birthday slowly coming to a end
This random feeling slowly killing me (⌣́_βŒ£Μ€)
I’m slowly getting better by the day.!
my shoe collection slowly adding up

So tired, drained and slowly giving up.
Day going by a little slow today
Here goes another slow depressing day..😞
A streetcar named desire #NOLa #slow
this is already slowly killing me. 😣
my birthday slowly coming to a end

My Birthday Slowly Coming To An End, :(
Time going slow 11 hurry up
As slowly pull the covers over me
My Twitter Moving Extra Slow Today .
my twitter acting funny , moving slow .
its been a slow and unproductive day

Im slowly getting fatter by the day
The weekend slowly coming to an end….
Where’s everybody? Timeline getting slow..
Stared from the bottom, slowly moving up.
Been such a slow and lazy day today..
School is already slowly killing me

my timeline slowly wanna killing me..
It’s gonna be a slow and boring day.
My money slowly disappeared today..
Vacation slowly coming to an end πŸ˜”
my basement windows slowly filling up ^
These school computers going extra slow

This lady is Louisiana slow
this ear infections slowly killing me
Slow down before the bullshit catches up.
slow down the world and live another day.
Dang .summer slowly coming to an End .!
Computer’s being crap and slow today.

pandora is extremely slow today !
Vacation slowly coming to an end πŸ˜”
This is a very slow and boring day.

Where the lions sleep

I am the lion with the greatest mane
I bring the notice , where the lions sleep !
There goes the lions season down the drain.
A lion never listens to a sheep

Guerilla ninja, with a Lion heart
I love the ending of the Lion King.
Young april been a Lion from the start
Ole ferret,yeti,lion looking thing.

I’ve seen the bravest lions shy away
i wanna see a lion fight a bear
I wanna watch the lion king today.. ☺
I love her crazy curly lion hair.

My lions aren’t playing any games
There goes the Lions season up in flames..

a time sestina

Got Grandad over for the afternoon. πŸ‘΄
good evening! Happy sunday everyone:)
Good afternoon. Another boring day.
Cold pasta makes the perfect midnight snack
Yay called in for a midnight shift tonight
Good morning, afternoon & evening WORLD!

Good Evening Philippines and to the World ^_^
I have a busy busy afternoon!!
excited for the midnight beast tonight!!!!
A happy Christmas Evening everyone ! πŸŽ…
Off to Mcdonalds! Early Midnight snack
Good Evening! Such a long and tiring day

good afternoon and happy Mother’s Day!
Good morning, afternoon and evening world!!!
Left over pasta, perfect midnight snack.
Excited for tomorrow afternoon .
Good Evening! :)) HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE ! :))
Not Evening Going To The Game Tonight

Who’s going to the midnight mass tonight??
Good evening! Happy Independence Day! :D
A happy tuesday evening everyone :)
Good evening people all around the world (β—Β΄βˆ€ο½€β—)
I’ll hear the verdict Friday afternoon!
Im hungry…… Gonna have a midnight snack

Time for a break and eat a midnight snack
Wait doesn’t midnight breakfast start tonight?!?!?
“Just strolling on a Sunday afternoon…”
Good evening everyone a happy day
Good Evening AWesome People of the World! :D
good evening. happy weekend everyone! ^^

Good Evening! Happy Sunday everyone. :)
Creating pasta for a midnight snack
Good evening, all the peoples of the world.
Might go another midnight stroll tonight
Good Afternoon! And Happy Mothers Day! πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŒΉ
Day dreaming on a Sunday afternoon

Pitch Perfect on a rainy afternoon :)
Good afternoon and happy fathers day! :)
i wanna goto midnight mass tonight..

a bro sestina

I’d rather sit around and chill and drink
My brother girlfriend so annoying bro.
I need a drink. an alcoholic one.
I wanna sex and drink and sex again.
so cool the change the lighting of the lift !
I couldn’t even drink the pain away.

I wanna drink and smoke the pain away .
My moms a fucking bitch and shouldn’t drink…
Does anyone in Buddha even lift? πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š
My reading teacher is annoying bro !!
annoying bro disturbing me again
I need a drink, an alcoholic one.

I need a drink..an alcoholic one
Or smoke and drink the pain and stress away ! πŸ‘πŸ˜ˆ
Bro never touching alcohol again
stop being lame, and have a fucking drink
You are forever looking stupid bro.
Appreciate the little things in lift.😊

I wanna do the dirty dancing lift!
I need a drink.. An alcoholic one!
Ur not invited to the party bro
I wanna drink and smoke the pain away..
Godiva over any other drink
I’ll never ever ever drink again!

I’ll never touch another drink again.
Miguel Cabrera doesn’t even lift!!
Cream soda is a well refreshing drink
I need a drink. An alcoholic one
She doesn’t wanna drink the pain away.
That mustache was a bad idea bro

just turn Fandango face already bro
I’m never ever gonna drink again
Just gotta drink and smoke the pain away
I’m going charcoal grey and 4 in lift.
I need a drink. An alcoholic one.
vanilla honey flavored coffee drink

Stop being lame and have a fucking #drink
I need a drink. A VERY heavy one.
My tires didn’t fit without the lift πŸ˜’